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Trium Technologies is always trying to find new and better ways to manage networks. Remote backups are part of Trium's new business continuity initiative for businesses of all sizes. This solution gives you the peace of mind that your data will be safe whether a file is accidently deleted or there is an unimaginable catastrophe.

Remote Backup Solution Feature Set


Encryption is of paramount importance when transmitting corporate or personal data over the internet. Our solution uses 448-bit Blowfish Encryption or 256-bit Advances Encryption Standard (AES) to transmit and store your data on our server.

Fully Automated Backups

Remote backups are scheduled on a daily basis and executed automatically. There is no need for user interaction, there are no tapes to change every day, and there no external hard drives to carry around.

Incremental Backup

Once the original backup is done, the subsequent backups only transfer the new and modified files. Thus, backups are done quickly and use less of your internet bandwidth.


Our backup solution allows us to backup all common types of server roles: Active Directory, Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and SharePoint. It is even capable of backing up open and locked files as well as files in other network locations.


Our remote backup solution is not only for servers, laptops can benefit from it too. For those who are always on the road, our remote backup solution works whether you are connected to the internet at the office, on the road, or at home.

  Less than 5GB 5GB to 10GB 10GB to 20GB 20 GB to 30GB Greater than 30GB
19.95$CAD 24.95$CAD 29.95$CAD 34.95$CAD + 0.20$ per GB
1 year
save 17%
199.50$CAD 249.50$CAD 299.50$CAD 349.50$CAD + 2.00$ per GB
2 years
save 25%
359.10$CAD 449.10$CAD 539.10$CAD 629.10$CAD + 3.60$ per GB
3 years
save 33%
478.80$CAD 598.80$CAD 718.80$CAD 838.80$CAD + 4.80$ per GB

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